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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mcelderry street. who suspects entered a store and there was a shooting. at this point there's no word if there was a victim or someone in the store shot at the scene. right now officers have blocked mcelderry as they continue their investigation. back to you. >> thank you, captain mike perry reporting live. a maryland state trooper charged with having more than 3,000 pictures of young children. some performing sexual acts. wjz is live at headquarters.. kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: officers raided this troopers home. baltimore county police looked for the owner of an e-mail address sending lewd
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photographs of children doing sexual acts. they were led back to bruce alan tucker. >> we basically told our invest investigators that he was curious about these images and he had just started casually looking at these things over the internet, his interests group. he exchanged some photos with some people over the internet and it just increased as he wept on doing it. >> reporter: tucker told investigators he started this interest in pornography in 2009. he was on executive detail for nine years, he has been suspended without pay. kelly mcpherson, wjz news. >> investigators are concerned that tucker may have contacted
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victims by phone and text message. if you have any call police. drivers now using canines in the search efforts that could last several hours. wjz is live, weijia jiang has the latest on the search and the dangers associated with the reservoir, weijia. >> reporter: police identified the victim as justinoliver. even though rescuers came here more than 24 hours ago, as of now they haven't found anything. sky chopper 13 shows you the scene on deer creek road. divers are looking for a man in his early 30s they believe drowned while swimming with friends. >> two men say he was having
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trouble swimming, they tried to look film him but could not find him. >> it's convenient for the kids to come out here and swim, thinking there's no harm but you see what happened here. >> reporter: there's only 5 feet of visibility to divers, which is why it's such a difficult search. >> reporter: chief ranger bracket says conditions here are much more dangerous than those in a typical lake. >> there are drop offs and cliffs that you wouldn't be expecting under water. you don't have a gradual shore liar going down. it's also much deeper. >> you're not supposed to but they do. the kids get together. you can't keep an eye on them all the time. >> reporter: there are signs all over this place that say no swimming at all. those who are caught have to
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pay a fine of at least $100. police warm the real price could be a life. we're live at liberty reservoir, weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> weijia thank you. liberty rangers have issued more than 1,000 citations for swimming in the past two years. the search for boater in queen town is over tonight. police found the body of albert cantel jr. he drowned yesterday after his boat capsized. no word on what caused that boat to capsize. a live look outside with sky chopper 13, that's just a few clouds over the area tonight. and haze definitely. wjz is live with the first warning weather and bernadette woods tracking weather for you, we start with bob. >> take a look at radar, a whole batch of storms in northern virginia and moving off to the east at about 20 to
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25 miles per hour. all across northern baltimore county. sparks area, up toward northern sections of baltimore county over toward western-north western counties. and north of taylorsville as well. another batch toward fredrick moving east. we'll see these storms between now and 6:30 this evening. some of these have heavy downpours and high winds. looks like once this passes things quiet down. what about the rest of this week? bernadette woods has a a look at that. >> we are going to have a few chances for thunderstorms. but the real thing is the heat is going to continue. we're not necessarily breaking records each and every day but it's the day after day after day continuity of this heat
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that is the big story. this entire five day forecast we have highs topping out in the 90s. as we head into the weekend, we may get closer to the upper 90s and maybe a heat index closer to the triple digits. >> bernadette, thank you. a woman accused of robbing more than half a dozen banks is caught. denise is in the newsroom with more on the arrest. >> the fbi calls female bank robbers rare. and the circumstances that led to the arrest of randall is just that. randall is the same woman captured in this surveillance video earlier this month. saturday she allegedly robbed madison bank. as she left with cash, a teller pushed an alarm button. she became extremely agitated when she figured out she was trapped, and it was so hot, the
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make up she wears started melting off. a teenager may have trouble walking the rest of her life after she was shot attending a party in bellaire. dereck valcourt has more on the first shooting in bellaire. >> reporter: police are interviewing lots of witnesses but so far they say they have no leads. someone started shooting killing 21-year-old derrick maxi jr. and hitting edgewood teenager whits. her mother spoke exclusively to wjz. >> as she was leaving the american legion, she was leaving the party and she was
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hit on the leg. >> reporter: police believe it was a stray bullet. >> we are investigating into who may have been looking for the victim or had a beef with the person. >> reporter: the mother did not give her daughter permission and is wondering why she was let into the party that was only for 21 years and older. they could face fines and even a suspension of their liquor license. employees at near by business call it a rare glimpse at violent crimes for this normally quiet community. >> everybody is talking about someone got shot and it happened right out back. >> reporter: the last murder here happened four years ago.
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the last murder before that was in 1983. >> it's in bellaire never thought something like that would -p happen in this town. >> reporter: that murder victim derrick maxi jr. does have a criminal record in baltimore city, back to you. >> derrick, thank you. anyone with information on the case is asked to call bel aire police. the president is holding a fundraiser for governor o' malley in downtown baltimore. >> reporter: kai, polls have shone the -- have shown the race race are very close. security is tight and cameras
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are not allowed inside the hilton where the vice president is raising a lot of money for gubernatorial candidate o' malley. the vp friendship goes back to the days when mr. o' malley was mayor of baltimore. >> i think the only thing he can hope for is in one way or another mr. erlich will make a
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mistake. >> people of the state should pick who will move this state forward. >> reporter: a turning point for governor o' malley could be an economic turn around. many marylanders now feel the economics are bad and are getting worse. >> i have not seen one race exceed the margin of error. and that's not good for the governor. he should have a lead going into this election. >> reporter: before coming to baltimore, the vice president spent the morning in philadelphia where he attended a fundraiser with speaker of the house nancy pelosi. that was $5,000 for vip access. mike hellgren.
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tea party activists protested outside the philadelphia event but there's no protests reported at this fundraiser. the government is allowing bp to keep the cap shut. the cap has successfully held back the gushing oil for 10 days. but an under ground leak is a concern. over the weekend, scientists noticed bubbling and seepage on the ground. they may insist bp open the cap and once again pump out to the
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surface. bp says it has already spent $9 billion in clean up efforts. gulf tourism may be down but sales are up about 25% at the beloxi harley-davidson in biloxi. they are selling new bikes to boat hands and younger clean up workers who are getting paid up to $30 an hour. the cost of dealing with oil spill could be more than millions a year.
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devastating crash scene, a train plows into another in india, reports the tragedy was a planned attack. new details about the efforts to find a missing oregon boy. hot and chance of showers the updated weather forecast with bob coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving yourself a flu shot may sound scary. but a new tiny patch shot will make it simple and almost pain free. >> reporter: it's not just children who don't like those annual flu shots. >> i'm a little bit of a baby. i just, i don't like -- i don't like the feeling and then i don't like seeing it. >> reporter: imagine instead of
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the needle using a vaccine patch. smaller than the size of a penny. it has hundreds of microscopic needles that don't hurt and desolve into the skin. >> the immune results are stronger than what we now have from the shot. >> reporter: what if you could pick it up at the pharmacy or get it in the mail. >> i think it saves time, i don't have to go to the doctor. >> reporter: the match can be use used during pandemics. there is one rule similar to the regular flu vaccine. >> you might get swelling locally in the skin. >> reporter: so far the micropatches that would take 15 minutes to desolve have been effective in immunizing mice. if all goes well it could be
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available in about five years. >> a maryland company called intercell usa is among those developing the technology. if you're waiting on someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads. >> it's gotten busy already as it always does at this hour. on the west side outer loop approaching haberdine road there's an accident. four accidents now in the city. frankford avenue, oak crest avenue a pedestrian struck there. you are also looking at an accident on park drive. one more in glen burney. deer park road is closed near liberty road. there's a look at your speed sensors on the beltway slowing
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down now on the topside interloop between 34 at 18. everything running smoothly on i685. back over to you. a reopening a year in the making is complete. as the suburban restaurant went up in flames, it was a total loss. no word on what will happen to them now. i imagine they are in the fuddruckers that left. >> i imagine, because that's a
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big enough space for it. >> the suburban house. >> take a look at temperatures, still pretty good now. 92, dewpoint at 70. humidity 48%. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance.
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when you get the heat and humidity come combination, we have a weak little front moving through. approaching northern hartford and east carol county. right now the city, it's possible this might even miss the city of baltimore but we'll see what happens. right now pretty good cells here from sean to the pretty boy dan area. little heavier just northeast of westminster on manchester and another batch here southeast of mount eerie. a few very small cells in eastern fredrick county. right now this southern little batch seems to be weakening while this batch up to the north is strengthening and moving off to the east.
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so particularly in the hartford county, northern hartford county, northern baltimore county. that's where most of the action, a little later on it's going south. for the time being looks like the city might miss this particular round of storms. one here may approach the western-south western suburbs. 80 in oakland, 92 at vwi marshall, 90 in washington. dewpoints high. a lot of moisture still out there. that's why some of these storms can produce a lot of rain. 90 is the way it feels, east of 100 on the boardwalk on ocean city. the winds off the land, it's just plain -- unless you are sitting in the ocean there.
5:26 pm
99 is how it feels. winds generally south- southwest. we've had storms in the region last night. a few spots saw big heavy wind storms with a lot of gusty storms and winds. this afternoon, the whole batch across virginia to the south. late this afternoon, another batch developing to the southwest, that's what's going through the region right now. it might quiet down a little later. tomorrow afternoon, another batch developing over the open midwest with that front. separates very hot air down there from hot and humid here but not nearly as bad as -- the central plains, temperatures near 100. you may be back in the upper 100s. hot and humid weather conditions continue with a risk of showers and storm every day this week. showers and storms yes winding down. a warm and muggy night.
5:27 pm
73. by early tomorrow, 90, 93. again a chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the evening. mayhem in mexico. more than a dozen people shot dead in a violent rampage. we'll show you how it happened. could a ,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:29. 92degrees and storms in the region. good evening thanks for staying with wjz evening news. when the baltimore arch diosis closed down 13 schools, it left children wants to go to another catholic school but were unable to. >> reporter: local contractor shumer fought to keep the arch diosis schools open. but now the two sides have come together with a transportation plan to bus children to catholic schools to ones walking distance of those that closed. >> i think that god opened a door but he opened a window with the transportation.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: the logistics are being worked out but shuster is committing $6,000 to pay for the buses. the county will pay for the rest with parents providing money. >> four or five years down the line we're dealing with a school that's overcrowding rather than a school that's having overcrowding problems. >> reporter: shuster is paying for ads to get the word out. >> for any of the families attending a catholic school that has been closed, we have a seat for you at another school and a bus ride too. >> i think the arch bishop is dedicated and committed to keeping this transportation for the kids. i think you're going to see a
5:32 pm
real effort there. >> reporter: and parents who need more information on the bus route offered in the fall should call one h-877-407-8080. anne arundel county police say around 2:00 p.m. saturday a male suspect went into the t & d bank and handed a teller a hold up note. after the suspect left the note, the witness followed the get away car and led police to the arrest. and we bring you an update on the breaking news from the last half hour. news chopper 13 was over a robbery. according to baltimore city police, no one was injured on the incident. the suspect still at large right now. and there's been another mass killing in northern
5:33 pm
mexico. vic is in the newsroom with this story. >> reporter: a gunman drove up and five suvs tore down the doors and opened fire. more than a dozen were wounded. this on the heels of a massive car bomb that killed three people. police have no suspects or motives. mary back to you. >> the massacre took place in an area where drug related crime is on the rise. president obama has sharp words about unemployment benefits. he wants gop to restore benefits to more than 2 million americans. >> reporter: unemployment benefits for jim chukaleus ran out two years ago.
5:34 pm
two years after getting laid off as a parts manager. he went to washington to join president obama and press congress to restore the the help. >> it's not a hand out. believe me, i would rather be getting a paycheck than a check from the government. >> reporter: but the measure was not extended. >> it's time to stop holding workers laid off in this recession hostage to washington politics. >> reporter: but republican leaders argue the deficit is doing more damage to the economy than unemployment. they say they are not against extending benefits but won't work to spend money the government doesn't have. >> we want to make sure they got the help they need, but if washington is going to spend that money, then we ought to find offsets in other spending to that we're not adding to the
5:35 pm
debt. >> the week's long stalemate is supposed to end next week. giving democrats the 60 votes they need to break the republican block. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. republicans insist they are not budging if the bill is going to add to the deficit. residents in dundock should not be alarmed if they see smoke coming from the port. we have a look at the controlled burns. >> reporter: there's some compressed natural gas. this surplus compressed natural gas is old stuff that had belonged in a tank here. they found it the best way to get rid of it was simply to burn it off. there's a number of state employees standing by as you can see a little supply line which is coming from tanks that
5:36 pm
are inside this building. they are burning off this compressed natural gas through 9:00 tonight. so you might see smoke or high flames coming from the terminal area. they believe it is safe, at this point. and this is a normal procedure. normal way to get rid of this gas. but they are concerned that neighbors may see the flames coming in the area of the terminal. back to you on tv hill. >> not nearly as dramatic as i thought it would look. thank you, we'll continue to follow it though. karen horman has now been missing for six weeks, tonight the plot thickens. kiren's stepmother moves outs of the home while his step dad moving in. there's a concern that a third party is now involved in the disappearance. >> reporter: terry hormon moved out of the portland home she once shared with husband cane
5:37 pm
and children after reaching a court settlement this evening. she was ported saturday in roseburg oregon where her family lives. >> you're on private property. i would step back right now. >> reporter: she was seen driving away with her father. with terry, out of the house, norman has now moved back in. in yet another twist, cane hormon now suspects there might be another person along with his wife connected to his son's disappearance. in an e-mail interview cane said quote, based on briefings, he firmly believes that someone else is involved. according to court documents, terry developed a sexual relationship with her husband's high school friend and cane in the documents accuses terry of accusing to kidnap the couples 20 monthold daughter from a
5:38 pm
near by gym. today is the 23rd day that kiren went missing. over the week end, kiren's parents visited the school, which was the last place where the boy was seen. >> it's great to see everybody supporting kiren. it's overwhelming for us to come here, in a good way. >> reporter: norton has not been named a suspect but she remains a suspect. in tonight's wjz health watch, a small clinical trial found that 80% of those treated
5:39 pm
with a combination of extasy showed less -- 9,000 people in baltimore are unaware they have aids. that's why hundreds of volunteers are encouraging residents to get tested. andrea fujihi tells us about the free service. >> reporter: it only takes a mouth swab and 20 minutes to test for hiv. >> baltimore ranks number five in the nation. >> reporter: statistics show 3% of baltimore residents are infected and say 6,000 to 9,000 people have hiv and don't know it. >> those six to 9,000 are responsible for about 55% of all new hiv infections. >> reporter: so today, 400 volunteers from the university of maryland school of medicine, gallery church and a nonprofit group hope springs hope to test up to 2,000 people.
5:40 pm
canvassing the streets to encourage people to come in. last year, 5,000 people came in from the street to get tested. 13-year-old morgan lange is one of the many young volunteers hoping to make a difference. >> it makes me feel really good to see that you are helping other people that have it, a little less good than you. >> we can rejoice with them, if it's happy news, it's happy news, if not, we're here to help them. >> we're working to balance the measure of hope with the measure of caution and really encouraging people to prevent getting this completely 100% preventable disease. >> and the confidential testing is going on at 14 sites around the city through 9:00 tonight. to find one close to you go to new government rules have
5:41 pm
chicken growers and processers at odds over contract revisions. will student loans be our next financial crisis. and cardinals will stand out as a shot to join lebron and the miami heat. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from the wjz team. don't miss the cbs evening news with katie couric. >> i'm steve hartman, coming up, meet an obgyn doctor who delivered thousands of babies. he is now 100 years old, and here is the kicker, he is still practicing. can you imagine going to a 100- year-old doctor. what's next for lyndsey
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we have strong thunderstorms across the extreme north eastern maryland. severe thunderstorms warning for you folk, extreme northern sections of cecil county. just across that northern section there, and a little bit further to the west. showers in northern central baltimore county. just one more cell in western howard county. but that stuff in cecil county across southern p. a. that's where the strongest activity is at this hour. what's going to happen tomorrow? looks like we will see a repeat. bern has that forecast. >> reporter: tomorrow we're
5:46 pm
doing it again. we're starting off in the 70s, then in the afternoon hours we're back in the 90s. a shower or thunderstorm is possible. >> and it stays hot and humid most of the week. 2-inches of rain from thunderstorms this week. 96 may get up to 98 which would break a record here on saturday. thank you, today's energy saver comes in time for cooking downer. don't peak from cooking. every time you open the oven door, the oven temperature lowering. use a timer if your window does
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not have a window. >> reporter: rescuers crawl through the mangled wreckage to save anyone they can after a train wreck in india. more than 60 people were killed early monday when a speeding express train plowed into a passenger train just as it was leaving a station. he says the train was hit so fiercely, bodied piled up on top of each other. the impact was so powerful, it forced one train over a bridge. survivors gave desperate signs of life to search teams, more than 100 people were injured in the collision. >> he says i was on the train and it just kept moving after it was hit. when we finally climbed off, we saw bodies lying everywhere. it's the second major train crash in indiana less than two
5:48 pm
months. making transport officials suspicious of sabotage. rebels were blamed for a train derailment that killed 145 people in may. railroad workers told tv that someone may have intentionally moved tracks. and recent wet weather in the close proximity to a creek
5:49 pm
contributed to the sink hole. lyndsey lohan is expected to show up to church. she reportedly has spept spent the last few days in rehab paid for by her lawyer. denise is in the newsroom with a preview for us. >> a long recovery ahead. the maryland teenager injured in a bombing in uganda under gross another surgery. while crabs and oysters get the most attention, why microscopic organisms are just as important. coming up on the news at 6:00. now back to mary and kai. sports is next. >> the orioles in a deeper hole than what they dug themselves in the first half to start off the second half.
5:50 pm
plus we have ,,
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hello everybody. let's talk sports. orioles entertaining tampa bay in the yard today in a fight to reestablish respect. baseball's worse team has fallen into an even deeper hole. deeper than the one they were in before the all star break. lasted only an 1-2/3, escobar second inning first career grand slam. 10-1 toronto on 15 base hits. some are thinking the orioles are on an extended all star break. how long before they get better. >> we had a shot last night, we just -- once in a while you're going to run into games like
5:54 pm
this where we either get from our starting pitcher and fall behind with a huge lead on this, we just have to come back. and there's even more orioles news today. this time involving a pair of healthy signs of improvement on the injury front. luke scott shown here injuring a hamstring. he's been reinstated. to make room for scott, frank matta was sent to triple a. and bryan roberts has not seen big league action this season due to a herniated disk on his back may return back. and he says he needs about 15 more at-bats before feeling confidentable enough to rejoin his teammates. got a little smile for you.
5:55 pm
how about some weekend celebrity golf in nevada. and the winner of the cookie no hands eater, charles barkley. here's raven super bowl winning super bowl, that is celebrity golf. and charles barkley getting his belly all full then sneaking up on this sleeping volunteer. surprise. that's sports, we have a lot to talk about coming up at 6:00. i hope you will stick around. >> we always do. >> you are loyal. >> thanks. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. wjz's eyewitness news. >> i'm derek valcourt in bel ai,
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coming up right now, a maryland state trooper who once protected the governor is now under custody. and the search for a man who drowned while in a
5:59 pm
reservoir. a major fundraiser for governor o' malley. new analysis on the tight race. more storms tonight, the first warning weather team tracking showers, s, don't miss the updated forecast. check in for all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news starts right now. disturbing charges. a state trooper once assigned to protect the governor accused of having thousands of child pornography photos. >> the young victims and fears there's more.


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